Ring large heart


This ring is adorned with a large beaded heart.

Inspired by the legendary Claddagh ring, which first appears in Ireland in 16th Century, the Accroche Coeur Collection embodies a strong friendship symbol, an eternal love and faithfulness which will go on sealing feelings over times.

Heart 12 mm.

To be combined according to you desires with other pieces from the New Collection and the Timeless Collection.


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Care instructions


Sterling silver

Silver oxidation is a natural phenomenon that can be more or less intense depending on the humidity and acidity to which is exposed the jewel. To slow down this chemical phenomenon, we recommend you to keep your silver jewels in a dry place. You can restore the original brightness of your jewel cleaning it with a special dry chamois cloth.


Our vermeil jewels are made of 925/1000 silver covered of a 5-microns 22-carat gold. This guarantees a good resistance of the golden cover. To protect it even more, we recommend to avoid any contact of the vermeil jewels with water.
To avoid any scratch, take care to leave your jewels on a soft surface (fabric, velvet, paper). We remind that like any other jewels, our pieces can be broken in case of fall or other violent shock.

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